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Forthcoming Indoor Events & Shows in the White Peak

Upcoming Events

  • Dueling Banjos
    Dueling Banjos
    Sun, 27 Aug
    27 Aug 2017, 19:00
    Hartington, Hartington, Buxton SK17, UK
    27 Aug 2017, 19:00
    Hartington, Hartington, Buxton SK17, UK

Always Take the Weather With You

Whether the Weather Will or Wont :

Whether or Not You are a Stranger to these parts depends on your knowledge of local weather & especially in knowing the White Peaks Unique Micro Climate that can literally be at opposites with itself within the space of an Hour.


Weather Check & Be Prepared :

If you are planning to walk here please check local weather & dress accordingly - wear layers & take a rucksack to put stuff in as & when its needed, Don't go overboard with kit but at least take some essentials.



Decent Footwear & Rain Jacket - I have seen so many drenched families with small children who have only gone for a short walk & ended in a close call hypothermia condition even on a bright sunny July Day.



Don't assume just because you have walked less than a mile that the weather will be the same as where you parked the Car.

The land of the White Peak Rises & Falls from 100 to Over 1000 feet within just a short walk & at Most Peaks that is 'Cloud Base' where freezing ice thaws to Rain.




"THERE IS NOTHING THAT COMES CLOSER TO THAT FEELING OF how humble you can feel in the presence of Nature than being in the middle of an Awesome Thunder Storm."   MYW 2017

White Peak Weather Station
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