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White Peak UFO Watch

Workshop Night Sessions in the White Peak :

Join us on a UFO Watch & Night Sky Observation of the stars in a Light Pollution free area upto 1000 ft above sea level in beautiful tranquil Rural surroundings.

Sessions run with a minimum of 3 people up to groups of 10 + & usually last about 6 hours.

Megs Secret Lair
Behind all that Wire
The Land of Rye
Think Outside Your Own Box
Wonder Wheel Turning
Alien Decent
Flight Navigation System Overrun
Ancient Building Blocks
Fire Sphinx
Mermaids Storm
Monkey Temple
Herne the Hunter
Valley of the Roches
Envy of the Force
Limestone Way Ridge
Limestone Way
Horse & Hard Rock
Deep Purple Forest
Jesus & the EYE
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Book or Create a Group Workshop

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The Group Sessions take place at different locations in the White Peak Area depending on forecast weather & will be advertised on this page in advance.

We can also create a session just for You & Your Friends at  Your Choosen Location if you have the space required for the number of people attending.

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Next Event : to be confirmed

For more Information Contact:

Beyond the Domain

Beyond the Domain

Watch Now
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