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Welcome to the

White Peak

Feature Vlog

A Most Intriguing Land Full of Magick & Mysteries of Lost Ancestral Connections that were thought to have been forgotten & Buried for centuries in this Beautiful Middle England that is Alive & Beating Heart of a Healthy Creative Nation.

Feel Alive & Be Re-Awaken to Beginnings & Possibilities that will open Up Your senses in this New Age though Our Ever Evolving Landscape.

Explore this Website & Immerse yourself in some of the Amazing Places to Stay, Visit & Create Self Discovery @.


This website is Young & Growing all the time & behind the scenes are some true skilled Artists Blossoming and preparing to show the world their Greatest Gifts & Share in their Home Grown Talents - so watch this space for changes as they occur - as they come to be.  

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As We Don't Believe in a Website just full of text we have produced plenty of Videos shot in the White Peak Area & created by & starring some of the Real People in the Real Places you are likely to encounter on your visit to the White Peak. 


Watch the Videos on Our Web Pages & Immerse yourself in Sneak Previews of a Magickal Place to Be. 

The Locals

Guide to the
White Peak Trails

Local People know the Best Places to go & Escape the 'Madding Crowd' & the Isolation it brings Astounds those who really want to Connect to it.

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Fly Fishing
for Adults

Stalking Fish might seem a little tiring to most but in this Style of Fishing Nature Reveals it's utmost mystery. (1).gif

Inspirational Tours Vlogs

In White Peak Country

They say this place is Ancient & it is - Greatly Steeped in History & Deep in Mystery

Our Spirit Guide Tours help you find the Best Places to Immerse Yourself, & Discover Yourself - Wild Places & Sacred sites !

Join in a Group or Go Solo & Connect with the Ancients in Magickal Beautiful Spaces.

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Fly Fishing

In White Peak Country

Stay at PARSONS HOUSE Hartington to experience a Fly Fishing Break that follows in the footsteps of those legends Charles Cotton & Issac Walton of 'the compleat angler' famous book that has influenced generations of fly fishing folk.

Willow Weaving

In White Peak Country


Fancy learning how to make beautiful objects and sculptures for your Home & Garden from Weaving Willow?

Learn from Local Artist Kriss on one of her 1 day workshops whilst you are staying in the area & Take Home a Hand Made Creation from your visit.

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